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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hunting: Life in Rural America

Recently I got the chance to write a piece about hunting for another blog. I thought I would go ahead and share that entry here on my own blog... 

Hunting: Life in Rural America

I'm fairly certain that hunting is looked at in vastly different ways by the rural communities vs urban communities. Out here in rural Nowhere - it's a way of life.

In the urban community it's probably seen as an unnecessary thing by many, possibly barbaric by some, and just not an option for most. But I am not talking about trophy hunting or going on safari (fuck you Eric Trump!). I'm talking about walking out into the woods before the sun comes up and freezing my ass off for several hours in the hopes I will come home late that day with a large deer that will fill my family's freezer for months to come.

People here hunt, and for good reason. If the deer in our area were left to their own devices - they would breed themselves to death. I know that sounds silly, but it's true. They'll strip an entire area of its food (for the deer) in a season or two if their numbers get too big. Then they'll start getting hungry and move into the towns and roads and become a hazard. The hunting community keeps these numbers in a manageable level. And the people here are passionate about it.

Monday, November 12, 2018

"Deep Dish" Chocolate Chip, Bourbon, Bacon Pecan Pie (Bacon optional)

So - this is my "Deep Dish" Chocolate Chip, Bourbon, Bacon Pecan Pie (Bacon optional).

I use a 2" deep Fluted Tart Pan with removable bottom... which gives you this:

You can use a standard pie pan and make this with the exact same results... I was just going to for something new for presentation's sake (photo at bottom of page)

Some History:

My wife and I have started a new Tradition of "Friendsgiving" the weekend or so before Thanksgiving. We have our friends over and we eat, drink, and be merry without having that awkward family stuff to deal with and it's a great time.

We try to make new dishes based on traditional Thanksgiving meals... last year we had:

Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf with twice baked mashed potatoes - Seen here (IT WAS AMAZING!!!)

Lobster Mac and Cheese
Pumpkin Pasties (not traditional for any of us here)

Cranberry Vodka Coctails
Chocolate Chip, Bacon, and Bourbon Pecan Pie

But let's face it - you're here for PIE!!! So here you go -