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An excerpt from: Alone In The Light

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Henry Street!

    Some of you may or may not know that in early 2020 I found myself with the option to sign with a publishing company and have my books distributed nationally. This was very exciting and, despite my reluctance, I finally said yes.

    I took my book offline, scoured the web for links to my amazon page, and made myself an online ghost in preparation for "release day" - a day that would never come. 

    It turns out that the publisher I signed with was... well, an asshole. An asshole who ghosted their authors and left them hanging in the wind. And after some harsh emails, bad language, and an irate phone call, or fifty, I got the rights back to my book. *whew* I vowed never again to deal with people like that. 

    In the wake of this tragedy, and over a bottle or three of bourbon, A.J. and I came to the conclusion that we could help ourselves better than a group of overpriced strangers on the internet.

    As it stands, we've already published several books and sold thousands of copies of Alone In The Light, Tales of Fort Thomas, and Paige's Story. We learned the ins and outs of putting out a book, what it takes to make a quality audiobook (fun fact: it's having amazing narrators like Phil Thron and Natalie Naudus), and we have met a lot of fantastic authors along the way - both self-published and traditional. Some who are even on the New York Times Bestseller list. 

    Our goal, in the immediate future, is to ensure that we promote ourselves and our works with integrity, quality, and swearing... wait... I mean... nah, fuck it. Swearing it is.

    As we grow, it is our hope to bring others into the fold with us. Not to make
money, but to grow as a community... to become, dare I say it, a NEIGHBORHOOD.

    We want to eventually create close-knit, online neighborhood of amazing authors, creators, writers, ne'er-do-wells, hooligans, lovely people, and everything in between helping one another create content, promote their works, and take their place upon the bookshelves of the world!

    Are we going to be perfect? Fuck no. I mean, did you see this statement? It's like it was written by a high school kid who knows nothing about grammar. (Thanks, Kevin!)

    Are we going to the best job we can to help you produce quality content? You bet your ass! And we'll probably lose sleep over it at some point.

    Are we going to take our selves too seriously? Maybe? I'm not really sure. We're new to this game. We want to have fun, be creative, and bring you along for the ride. It's like a fun, scary, awesome, topless roller coaster. (just checking to see if you're still reading, Mom)

    There's going to be a podcast with guest authors and potentially soon-to-be-famous people. Candy giveaways. A swimming pool filled with beer... Oh, A.J. informs me that the candy giveaway and beer pool are not in the budget. BUT at least there's a podcast!

    So, with that, I bid you welcome! Welcome to our experiment... our dream... our purpose... our DESTINY*.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

*possibly hyperbole... just sayin. 

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