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An excerpt from: Alone In The Light

Twas The Night Before Christmas - 2017

Twas the night before Christmas - 2017

Twas the night before Christmas, And it was snowing like mad
The Basses were all home, And a good Christmas Eve was had

We had gone to Meme’s, And played with the cousins
Then home through the snow, toys numbering in the dozens

The interstates were shitty, A right snowy mess
And it took more than an hour, about 90 minutes… not less.

We unloaded the car, In the cold, windy night
Dumped all the toys out, Then the kids started to fight

The Glump wanted cookies, The Nugget wanted juice
Mom and Dad wanted whiskey, And some time to cut loose…

We built the Train set for Rex, And Korra’s big toy
We then realized we’d left Binkie, And there went all the joy…

Korra summoned some demons, She’s my little dark elf
I cowered in the corner, Afraid for myself…

Her eyes were glowing a most fearsome red glow
She screamed and she shouted As her horns started to grow

Out to the snow, Angie ran with delight
She got 10 minutes of quiet While I fought the good fight

Korra thrashed and she wailed As I drank down a drink
It was the ninth pit of Hell And my heart began to sink

Then good old Boomer sat up and started barking
Out in the snow - We could see Angie’s red car was parking

She busted down the door like some hero of old
Exclaiming as she entered “Holy fuck is it cold!!”

Replacement binkie was stuffed in the Nugget’s great maw
The following silence kind of left us in awe…

Within 30 minutes, there was not even a fight
The kids were both sleeping - holy shit, what a night.

The moral of the story, when dealing with our daughter…
Don’t forget her binkie or she will try to eat your soul, start fire to the house, summon Cthulhu, 12 minor demons, and the dark lord himself…

That last line didn’t rhyme but I’m all out luck…
Korra can be evil… no seriously - it’s scary as fuck.

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