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Friday, September 21, 2018

It's not a toomah... well, it MIGHT be a toomah, but we don't know yet.

Hi, everyone! How’s it?


Not MY brain... 
So, today I went to the hospital and had a nifty little CT Scan done on my brain. Why? Good question, faithful reader, I’m glad you asked. See... I just turned 40 not too long ago (being 40 has actually nothing to do with this... I just like to remind people that I'm getting old). And around the middle of August I started getting headaches. Well, no, that’s not true... I got a headache and it basically has lasted for 3-4 weeks. Sometimes it’s worse, sometimes it’s better, sometimes it feels like someone is stabbing my eye with an icepick... And sometimes it feels like someone WAY bigger than me has punched me in the head repeatedly. But... the headache is pretty much ever-present. It’s a super awesome way to spend your day. Let me tell ya. It pretty much sucks... and apparently has a big effect on my mood. 

So - after being stubborn and pretending it WASN’T actually a thing - I decided to call my family doctor and make an appointment. I had the appointment on Wednesday. At the appointment he ran me through a series of questions and tests and seemed mildly concerned. He then decided to get me scheduled for some blood work and a CT Scan. The blood work happened on Thursday and the CT Scan was this morning. I must say - I’m pretty pleased with just how fast they moved me through the ole system there. Hooray for socialized medicine!... wait... Hooray for greedy insurance companies!!! - but the speed in which they worked also made me nervous.

I debated saying anything to anyone... but I’m trying to procrastinate at work today and telling the Internet seemed like a good thing to kill time. Also because Mom found out when they stopped by my office today to find me JUST arriving at 11:00 with a hospital bracelet and a wad of cotton taped to the inside of my elbow... you can’t hide that shit from Mom, man... she’s been in the hospital enough to know what’s up. So - I told her.
So - here I am, telling you all.
I don’t need or want any thoughts or prayers - not because I’m being a dick, but because I don’t think this is anything. I am 60% certain they’re going to call me and say “Hey, it’s stress. Smoke some weed, chill the fuck out, and be cool.” BUT... there is still a 40% chance that it could be something else like a tumor or, possibly, MS. I also have some numbness in certain areas - like my face and hands - and that’s a possible sign of those things as well. Who knew?!
Point is - I think I’m fine. Right now - I’m waiting on my phone to ring. If it rings - I’m probably fucked. If it DOESN’T ring - then I’m probably cool and it’s probably just something stupid like stress or being old.
I was told that "If it was life threatening or needed immediate attention" - I would hear something today. I did NOT hear something today, so I'm fairly certain that it's nothing too serious and I can carry on with my life.
And now you know. And...

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