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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The happiest time of my life.


As a joke-ish type thing 10 years ago - A.J. and I changed our Facebook status to "engaged" one night while chatting online while I was in Biloxi on a work trip. It was mostly a joke... but not really a joke really since both of us just knew that A: we want to get married and B: it was going to happen sooner or later.

Well... it was sooner.
See, I had in my mind for some time how it would all go down... when we did the facebook thing, A.J.'s sister was all like "OH! If he asked you on Halloween that would be awesome!" -- all I could think of was "GET OUT OF MY HEAD WOMAN!!!" ;-)
So, we picked out a ring a week earlier... And I lied and told her it would be almost 8 weeks before I could get the ring, financially. And, you've got to love the salespeople at the Jewelry store who played along with me on this. I thought about inviting them to the wedding as a result of their excellent acting skills.

I told A.J. I would carve her a pumpkin with a ring on it so she could have a ring on Halloween, and she thought it was a cute idea and that I was super cheesy. Which is true.

She went back to where she lived - 40 miles south - that Sunday night and 2 days later I went back to the store and got the ring as well as our wedding rings... and then hid them until Thursday when I took the day off work and drove to meet with her parents. I was expecting WAY more in the way of questioning from them, but her dad just said "You two are old enough to make your own decisions... and besides, I think you two are basically made for each other." - I agreed.

Then came Friday.

A.J. came up to help me take my nephews Trick or Treating, then come back to my place to carve pumpkins, watch Halloween movies and just have a nice night in. Well, I had 4 pumpkins in my apt. 2 for her to carve, 2 for me. Well, I carved 1 and she was onto her 2nd... so I was like "Meh... I think I'll hold off on #2..." She said "ok." After we took the 3 carved pumpkins out to be lit, she went to the bathroom to wash her hands and get the pumpkin goo off... I took Pumpkin #4 (which I had already carved) and put it out with the others... When she came out of the bathroom I took her outside, all the while saying "Well, I carved you a ring pumpkin, but it REALLY didn't turn out well, so I didn't think i'd show you..."

So, she rounded the table and saw the pumpkin pictured above. At which point she turned to me and I was holding her ring in its little box and said "I love you."

She then proceeded to cry and be all giddy and shake and all those good things that people are supposed to do... It made me very happy. Especially when she said yes.

So, we came back in, made the phone calls and just had a good, relaxing time being together. The following day, we made the rounds visiting our families and showing off the new ring.

SO... there you have it folks. And today makes it 9 years of marriage.
I am very happy right now. :-D

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