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Monday, June 11, 2018

Book Recommendation: The Extinction Cycle (Boxed Set)

I have stated before that I LOVE post-apocalyptic literature. As such - I have just finished the first three books in Nicholas Sansbury Smith's "The Extinction Cycle".

The box set includes the books Extinction Horizon, Extinction Edge, and Extinction Age and they are one roller coaster ride of action and the apocalypse! 

The audible version is read by Bronson Pinchot - and he does a fantastic job. I've loved hearing the books he has read - my personal favorite being Ray Bradbury's "The Halloween Tree"

I have not finished the entire series yet - I have 4 more to go still. But it has been an enjoyable series so far with all of the despair and daunting helplessness you'd expect in an end-of-the-world experience. 

So - what's it all about?

Let's just say - when you try to make a bio-weapon to make Super Soldiers - it doesn't always go as you'd hope. 

In an effort to make the "bigger, better soldier" - the government develops VX99... and it fails miserably. Years later the project is re-visited to perhaps make a bio-weapon to use in conflicts around the globe! ... and it fails miserably. Especially when it's been spliced with Ebola. 

The newly concocted Hemorrhage Virus runs rampant across the globe, in its wake are millions of infected who, reacting from VX99, transform into bloodthirsty monsters hell bent on feeding. 

Master Sergeant Reed Beckham and his team of Delta Operators are there from the beginning. They find themselves against the wall time and again as they try to fight the new, frightening enemy... and then just fighting to stay alive. 

The books go by in a blur - not in a bad way... but in an "OH  MY GOD! I can't stop reading this!" sort of way. Smith writes in a way that keeps the story growing and building without ever collapsing in on its own weight. Each victory is met with new challenges and the men and women living at Plum Island have to find a way to survive. 

It's a fast, action packed story of survival against all odds and he makes the P-A/Zombie genre new and refreshing. 

If you're a fan of a good story and a lot of action - read these books. 

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