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Friday, June 8, 2018

“Scotch on the rocks - they can’t f*** that up" - Anthony Bourdain

"I should’ve died in my 20s. I became successful in my 40s. I became a dad in my 50s.I feel like I’ve stolen a car –a really nice car– and I keep looking in the rearview mirror for flashing lights. But there’s been nothing yet." - Anthony Bourdain

This morning I woke to the news that Anthony Bourdain died at the age of 61... from suicide. 

I've never met the man. But I've read his books, watched "No Reservations" on a daily basis and tried to watch all of the other shows he did.

My wife and I always joked that Anthony Bourdain was my spirit animal with his smoking, drinking, and "no fucks to give" attitude... some things I do in my own life.

His persona is what I imagined my Patronus Charm would look like if I had to fight of Dementors... he would appear as a ghostly, white apparition with a scotch in one hand, cigarette in the other - and just stare down or berate the dementors until they left in shame...

And while I'll never be a chef of his caliber - I do give him a lot of credit for me trying new things and loving my time spent in my own kitchen.

Then, to wake up and find out he committed suicide - Well, I am at a loss.

I know he had his own demons - as do we all... but man. To make it, for 61 years and finally succumb to that nightmare scares the hell out of me. I don't know what he was facing in his personal life at the moment. I don't know what he chose to hide and keep to himself - I just know that a person who I admired and looked up to has taken his own life. And the world is the worse for it.

I've never really been moved or shaken by the loss of a famous person - I am often sad at the loss of life and the loss the world as a whole has to endure as I was with Ray Bradbury, David Bowie, Robin Williams, and others... but this one hit me really hard. And it hurts.

I've already written about the woes of Mental Health and PTSD in this blog... And I just hope anyone reading this who has doubts or depression knows that they can get help. I hope they know that you can talk to people - anyone... Please seek help.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255

National Crisis Prevention Via Text 
Can be found here

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