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Monday, December 24, 2018

'Twas the day before Christmas and I'm not super happy

'Twas the day before Christmas and I'm not supper happy
I'd like to write a poem, but it's coming out crappy.
The kids are with grandma and Angie's at work
For the sole reason that her boss is a jerk.

It's just not the same, this Christmas Eve day
But we're all adults with lots of bills to pay
And Angie's at her desk, and I am at mine
I try to convince myself "This is all fine."

All out in the world everything is just noise
I miss being young and just playing with toys.
The kids have it right, they now what is best
Give me something fun! And fuck all the rest.

We strive and we worry to find the right gift
Something that will give our spirits a lift
There's anxiety and worry and self doubt to spare
When all we want is our loved ones to be there.

With little children so silly and fun
Life is hard when all you do is run
I try to be happy and so do we all
But sometimes we stumble and sometimes we fall

Now Mortgage, now utilities! Now phone bills and cable!
We do what we do and we pay when we're able.
To the last page in the checkbook, down to the last dime
Christmas is here... sometimes our best gift is our time.

And just as soon as the presents are wrapped
We want to be happy, but we're financially tapped.
So into the office we both go today
And surrender our time, in exchange for some pay

Life isn't always so shiny and bright
It's hard to be happy when you worry at night
Anxiety sucks and it makes life a mess...
Sometimes we drink just to handle the stress.

But the children are small and they need not know
How hard it can be... and not let it show
So don't be so grumpy when they just want to play
They're growing so fast and you'll soon long for this day

The day when the kids just wanted to sit
On the floor and play even just for a bit
Hold them so tight and play with them daily
Do your best impression of good ole' George Bailey.

Don't be Mr. Potter, the crotchety old jerk
Think of your children when you're busy at work.
The world is so big, and for them you're the sun
Just try to make their holidays a little more fun.

And now you're all thinking "What a sad little man."
but remember that I'm doing the best that I can
I may sometimes struggle to be happy and fun
But sometimes it feels like my heart weighs a ton.

So today I will work, and Angie will too
And we'll do it because one thing is true...
We want you to be happy, we want the world to be bright.
So Merry Christmas to all please have a good night.

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