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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Welcome to my blog!

Hello, dear visitor! And welcome to my blog. 

My name is Ben.

Benjamin W. Bass if we're going to get all official about it. Which, I guess, is the point of buying a domain of my name... Mildly narcissistic... maybe?

I don't rightly know.

But, you're here! I'm here! Let's do some stuff!

About me:
I'm a native Hoosier, and a ten-year veteran of the Indiana National Guard. My time in the Guard gave me the basis for my novel, Alone In The Light. Drawing from my personal experience, I attempted to craft a very real depiction of post-deployment life. At least through MY eyes.

I graduated from Indiana University, where I met the love of my life, AJ. We've been married going on ten years now, and live in Indiana with our two adorable children, a lovable dog, and two very questionable cats.

What do I do when I'm not writing? I spend a lot of time playing on the living room floor with my kids - this usually involves copious amounts of Lego. I hunt on my family’s farm. But I'm most happy when I am relaxing on the patio with my wife and a glass of scotch.

Now it's your turn! Drop a comment below and say hello!

About my book:

6,000 miles away from the explosion in Iraq that took his leg,
Josh Carpenter struggles to reclaim his former life as a college student.

Mary Fischer, a civilian for the first time in years, strikes out on her own to create a new,
independent life away from the army, and her controlling mother.

On the campus of Indiana University, Josh and Mary’s paths move ever closer to a reunion that could help ease the nightmares and heal old wounds… or make them worse.

You can read the prologue, for free, on my blog HERE

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