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Friday, May 4, 2018

Dreaming About Things... and Stuff.

Dreams are weird. You have good dreams, bad dreams, dreams where you're naked that are fun and dreams where you're naked and they suck. Your brain basically says "Hey, here's a random assortment of images and sounds from your life... how fucked up would you like to be tonight?"

And just like that - your day either starts out good... or shitty.

I, for one, have some pretty messed up dreams from time to time. Not bragging - just more of an FYI. My wife, on the other hand, has what she calls "weird dream theater" - and trust me - it's weird.

Her dreams and my dreams... now combined with the descriptions of dreams I'm given by our kids... have given me the idea for a story which I've now started to put down in words.

The story revolves around a small family of four - what? Go with what you know, man. Who find themselves inexplicably sharing dreams.

The thing is - how do you write about dreams?  Do you write "Homeboy was dreaming..." or do you do the more subtle approach, a la "Dallas" wherein you tell the whole thing like it is and then go "Suddenly he woke up... and it had all been a dream." ???!?!

That's my dilemma right now. Stuck with "how to proceed" in the story. I've written a working prologue to set things up and now I'm moving forward with... an idea and about 6 words. It's a good time. I hate it when I have an idea and it gets stuck in my brain like a popcorn kernel between the teeth. You can feel it, you know it's there... but it's just stuck and no amount of tongue probing will dislodge it. Le sigh.

But I'll drive forward. The story might suck and I'm not the best at the written word... but I'm going to do it. Come hell or high water... or nightmares and daydreams.

So - if you're still reading this - what do you think dreams should look like - on the page that is. How would you describe your dreams?  Should it be known that it's a dream? Or should that come later?  Come on, dear reader, help a brother out!

Also - Happy Star Wars Day! May The 4th Be With You!

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