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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Memorial Day... A small rant.

Memorial Day is a great day, right?! It's often heralded as the "unofficial start of summer." And I can go to any department store, clothing store, furniture, electronic, etc.... And get 50% off of damn near anything! 

Wow! Who knew that a good sale only required the deaths of so many US men and women?

Today, while driving, a sign caught my eye. Large, blue and red letters proclaimed "HONOR OUR VETERANS" ... the next line was "SALE LASTS UNTIL TUESDAY!"
-- I mean, really?

Fuck you.  

Not only is it NOT Veteran's Day and you're pandering to people - but you're also being a complete dickhole by cashing in on the deaths of so many good men and women. I will not shop at your store.

Today or ever.

This holiday goes back to the Civil War, if I'm not mistaken... brother fighting brother and dying to maintain this Union. Honor them. Honor the Men and women who who froze in their trenches to fight Fascism and Nazis. Honor the men who were so greatly dishonored by their country for fighting in Vietnam. Honor the men and women of this current war who have given their life.

This day is for them... and not some buy-one-get-one sale at the shoe store, or half-off 4K tvs... fuck that.

A window I found walking in Paris, France in 2005...
Shawn is from my hometown 
It is not national BBQ day or pool day. It's not Veterans Day either.

It is Memorial Day. It is one day out of the year when we should take a minute and remember the men and women who are not with their families today... and who never will be again.

I'm not saying to NOT enjoy your weekend. By all means - spend time with your friends and family. Go out and play in the pool. Listen to the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday... revel in the joy of being with your friends and loved ones... but take one moment to remember.

Remember my friends and brothers who aren't there with us. Remember the sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers who aren't here. Even if for just a minute...

This weekend I plan on having several drinks and I plan to go through about 200 shotgun shells out at the farm shooting skeet. It's what we do here. But I'm also going to take a minute to remember Chad, Shawn, Smitty, and the thousands of others that are no longer with us. 

So, there is my rant. Today, I honor those men and women in my own way. And I hope you do too.

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